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Miguel Santiago is a champion for workers who will be a voice for working families on the City Council. Miguel helped to pass the law raising the minimum wage for workers across California and has stood on the front lines with workers and unions fighting for better wages and working conditions. He helped write and pass landmark laws protecting tenants from unfair evictions and is helping lead the fight for universal healthcare for Californians to ensure every Californian has access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. In City Hall, Miguel will continue working to create good-paying union jobs, protect workers’ rights, and build an economy that works for working families. That’s why Miguel is the only candidate for City Council District 14 endorsed by labor unions representing nurses and frontline healthcare workers, construction workers and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.


Miguel Santiago is running for City Council to tackle L.A.’s affordable housing crisis. In the Assembly, Miguel has secured funding for affordable housing to reduce homelessness and to make it possible for young people to afford to live in Los Angeles. He helped to write and pass landmark laws protecting tenants from unfair evictions and fought to provide rent relief to renters during the pandemic shutdown. And Miguel worked with Mayor Bass to write laws that cut red tape and speed up the construction of affordable housing in Los Angeles. On the City Council, Miguel will continue working to build more affordable housing, protect renters, and help create a pathway to home ownership for working Angelenos.



Miguel Santiago believes everyone deserves a great public education that gives them a shot at success. In the Assembly, Miguel wrote and passed the law that allows college students to attend a community college for free, making college free to millions of young Californians. He has fought to invest in our public schools, give hardworking classroom teachers a raise, and expand early childhood education.


City Hall is broken — corruption and scandals have prevented the City Council from delivering and making progress on real solutions to our homelessness crisis, crime, and poor city services. The only way to move beyond the scandals of the past and deliver results for the people is to send a new leader to City Hall who can rebuild trust with our community and all Angelenos. Miguel Santiago has fought corruption and worked to increase government transparency in the Legislature, and that’s exactly what he’ll do on the City Council. He has the experience and record to hold City Hall accountable so the Council can focus on solving the big challenges our communities face.



Miguel Santiago co-authored California’s new Care Court law to help get unhoused people with severe mental health issues off our streets and connected with the treatment and support services they need. Miguel has secured funding for affordable housing to reduce homelessness and partnered with Mayor Karen Bass to pass laws which cut red tape and speed up the construction of affordable, supportive, and transitional housing. On the City Council, he will work to invest in new solutions and provide more accountability for how the City uses existing resources.


Miguel Santiago is fighting for environmental justice, taking on corporate polluters to protect local air and water from toxic contamination. In the Assembly, Miguel secured millions of dollars to urgently clean up the toxic contamination in immigrant and working-class neighborhoods caused by corporate polluter Exide Technologies. He has worked to invest in clean energy technology to combat climate change and create good-paying union jobs — while delivering cleaner air and water to our communities. On the City Council, Miguel will never stop fighting for the urgent climate action our communities and our planet deserve.

Industrial Smoke


Miguel Santiago is a longtime advocate for reproductive justice with a 100% voting record from Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. Miguel co-authored the constitutional amendment to protect the right to safe, legal abortion in California. Now, he is running for City Council to continue fighting to safeguard reproductive freedom and expand access to reproductive health services by fully funding Planned Parenthood. Miguel is the only candidate for L.A. City Council District 14 endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County Action Fund.


Miguel Santiago is working to pass common-sense gun safety legislation to help get illegal guns off our streets. Miguel wrote the law to expand access to red flag laws to help keep guns from people who pose a danger to their communities — including those accused of domestic violence. And he helped secure millions of dollars for law enforcement agencies to expedite their gun buyback programs. On the City Council, Miguel will continue working to keep our communities safe from gun violence.

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